Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bee Humble: Fourth Inspection of Hive 2012 07 11

Ed Zurawell dropped by this afternoon when he was in the area. Here is my recollection of the assessment, (hope I don't screw it up!): No eggs were seen, only brood - mostly old in the bottom super, some younger brood in the burr-comb frame in the top super. A young queen was located in the bottom frame, but not mature enough to be laying yet. Around a dozen supersedure/swarm cells were found in the bottom frames, at least seven of which were empty, and one which had remnants in it. Ed considered them to be supersedure cells by their location, but considered that a couple could be potentially be swarm. He thought if something had happened, it was likely to have occurred somewhere around June 29 to July 01. There was a particularly strong closed supersedure cell mid frame in one of the bottom frames. There seemed to be an ample supply of food in the hive. Spacing of the frames was great in the bottom super, but the burr-comb frame may have been caused by being too far from its neighbor, although I have moved its position since, of course. A couple frames were flipped, but nothing shifted around due to the uncertain condition of the hive. Bees were docile and well behaved, but getting noisier at the end. His recommendation was to inspect the hive in another 10 to 14 days and reassess its condition.  Hive's current condition: weak. My current condition: humbled. And the "queen" I thought I saw in the burr-comb frame last inspection was actually a drone. Good thing I didn't get triplets when my children were born; two would be missing by now, and I would have gotten their sex mixed up!


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