Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Time To Reflect

Sunday. Day two of swarm control is drawing to a close.

Now that the day two swarm seems to be settling into the box just after collection, I can take a minute to review what took place over the last two days. The one minute video speaks for itself. Notice the new ramp at the hive entrance.

This video goes in to a review of the strategy used in the day two swarm control, and how it differed from day one. I also talk about the correction done after the bees were getting confused and flying underneath the open screened bottom board while tracking the queen scent.

This 45 second clip shows the bee flight around the box just before I left it until dark. Notice the increase in wind contrasted with day one.

At the end of the day I called up Brian Eden, and he graciously shared a spot in his bee yard several kilometers away for a couple of weeks. His bee yard is by the experimental farm close to the airport in Kamloops. I was hesitant to move the hive back into the bee enclosure in my yard again, which is only a fifteen meters or so from here. Once burned, twice shy, I suppose. The only thing worse than a hive swarm taking off again after collection would be to have that happen again the third day!

As it happened, Brian was planning to be at his yard that evening; packing up a hive that his daughter Melissa was taking back with her to Vancouver. I bought some window screen by the foot at a building supply and used a staple gun to attach it to the hive. I sealed it up with Gorilla tape, strapped the hive together, and Arlen and I loaded it into the back of the 4Runner. We drove out and met Brian and Melissa at the yard at around 21:45 hrs. I placed my hive just beyond the gate to the yard. My bees seemed settled down. A couple of bees walked out of the entrance to investigate after it was opened up. In Melissa's hive many of the bees were congregating around the screen. I hope their journey to the coast went well.

A few days later I received a report that my hive seemed good and active. I plan to visit the hive soon.


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