Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No. Wait. Come Back Here!

Couldn't they at least move down a couple of branches? Stupid swarm.

I unsuccessfully pleaded for assistance from my family - "Are you KIDDING? Were're not holding a ladder underneath a SWARM OF BEES!" With Ed gone fishin',Melissa at work, and Ian unavailable, I called Dave Masurat from the bee club to see if he could round up some help. What a leader! In under an hour Brian Eden and his daughter had rushed to the rescue. What heroes!

With Melissa suggesting I hoist up a bucket and Brian getting me to toss a rope over the branch and pass him the ends, the job was soon done. Some bees were in flight, and some remained out of reach on a branch, so bugger them! I moved the box into my yard after dark.

All Aboard!

March of the Honey Bees


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