Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Now, What Was I Up To Before I was So Rudely Interrupted By A Swarm?...

...Oh, yes. That's it. I was planning to address the queenless state of my split before the unexpected swarm.

Melissa Zurawell suggested I transfer over some eggs from the main brood, rather than introduce a queen at this stage. Ed phoned the next day to check up on my beekeeping and said the same thing. We better keep it a secret - who knows what could befall if they ever find out that they independently agree, and have begun to dispense the same advice! Ed should start going to Melissa for beekeeping advice; she has all of his experience plus some of her own!

I thought I would start by examining the queenless hive split. Six minutes in I make a remarkable discovery!

Through the magic of YouTube, the video starts part way through; at the interesting part!

It seems that perhaps the hive is queenless no longer. Unless it was a drone, like last year, ha ha!


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