Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sticky Post

New Bottom Board
In April Donna and I took a picturesque drive from Kamloops to Vernon and down the west side of Lake Okanogan to Westbank. Westbank is a suburb of Kelowna, BC. - just across the bridge, over the lake. There we visited Ingram Apiaries. I purchased a couple of deeps, top and inner covers, and a screened bottom board - all dipped in wax! It was a lovely trip, and I had a nice conversation with Darren about his equipment shop; the difficulty that equipment builders have in securing a lumber supply; his beekeeping operation and approach to beekeeping. He is a great guy, and his boxes and screened bottom boards are outstanding.

Sticky Bottom Boards
I replaced my regular bottom board with a screened bottom board and tray. The photos above are of the sticky board one week later. I coated the tray with a mixture of vasaline and olive oil - after all, they are Italian Bees!


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