Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adding a Second Brood Chamber to the Top of Tower Two: Who "Nose" How I Will Control the iPhone with Gloves On?

As I mentioned in "Time for Expansion", the colony on the top of tower two looked a little crowded. During the evening there were quite a few bees on the outside of the box. I decided to add a second brood box on top of the first to alleviate the situation.

I smoked the hive and then took a short video of bee flight around the hive before I broke it open. A problem I often encounter, especially if I am being bothered by bees when the hive is ornery, is operating the iPhone controls while wearing gloves. "Who wears gloves?", you ask. Someone who got stung three times on the wrist and had on of the spots get infected, that's who. Ya, I know, I'm so chicken shit I peck at my food. I came up with a way around the problem by mashing the iPhone through the veil with my nose. Works great. Harder to clean when I sneeze, though!

I checked the honey super that is between the bottom and top colonies on tower two and it still had room, so I did not add another honey super. Hopefully soon. Adding a second brood chamber went smoothly. I took a look at the honey supers in the first tower as well. One box was full, but the second was only partway drawn, so status quo on that one as well.

However, when I came out in the evening to have a gander at my handy work, lo and behold the bees were on the outside of the box in the same number as before I added the second chamber. Stupid bees. Dumb-ass beekeeper! Where oh where did I go wrong? Perhaps they were not as crowded as I thought? Is their hive just a little warmer up there on top of the tower?


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