Saturday, June 8, 2013

Adding a spacer to the Top Colony's Chamber

I was feeling a little guilty about only leaving the top colony the minuscule top entrance found on most inner covers. I was also concerned about venting, as the inner cover I was using did not have a feeding hole drilled  through it. A trip to the building supply store garnered some rectangular trim, which I fashioned and air nailed into a spacer for the box. Happy bees, but they are growing tired of my constant renovations. After I had gone to the trouble of taping their bottom escape hole and switching out honey supers to prevent a recurrence, I am sure they were wondering why I put a bottom entrance in again. The efficient bees would have just left the bottom hole alone if they had their way, I am sure!

Building a spacer was not my idea, of course. Ed and Brian both gave me some great tips to consider when building a tower hive. The idea came from one of them, but my mushy brain has forgotten whom to attribute it to.

But, no matter. They will soon be coming to me for advice because, after all, I have all of their experience -plus some of my own, ha ha!


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