Monday, June 24, 2013

Adding the Split Hive to the Top of Tower One

On June 18, 2013, I brought the split hive with the Hawaiian queen back from the experimental farm where it had been resting. I learned my lesson from moving the hive out to the experimental farm. Prior to this move I constructed an entrance screen using the construction cloth made of 1/4 inch galvanized screening I used in my last move, but wrapped it in aluminum mesh and taped all edges with Gorilla Tape. I taped it to the hive with Gorilla Tape. No escaping bees, if you please! It was a warm night, a few degrees centigrade warmer than my home, which is at a higher elevation. The bees were gathered around the entrance on the outside of the hive. Arlen and I tried waiting them out. After twenty-five minutes with a very brisk wind blowing directly into the hive entrance only about one half of the bees had retreated inside. I put some silage into my smoker and lit it very carefully due to the wind. I hadn't brought any starter, so keeping it lit was more of a challenge than protecting from sparks being caught in the wind. I kept the smoker in a bucket while lighting and storing it to provide shelter from the wind and protect the environment. The move went well. The bees were left closed up until I could work them the following afternoon.


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