Saturday, June 8, 2013

Building the Top Hive in the Tower

After examining the bottom hive and falsely accusing them of being good-for-nothing drone layers, it is time to move on to other adventures, this time at the top of the tower. With good intentions I decided to put a layer of two honey supers between the top and bottom hives, and newspaper between the honey boxes.

I suppose the difficulty arises from not quite knowing if the bottom hive is queenless or not. My common sense tells me, (alright, as it appears that it is not usually accurate, and hence "common", perhaps I should refer to it only as "sense"), if the bottom hive is queenless it should be on top, and the introduced queen-right swarm hive should go on the bottom. If the both hives are queenright I want to keep the queens separated, but if the bottom hive is queenless then the top queen should be allowed to move down, or that box should be placed on the bottom to start with. Can the bottom hive be moved to the top without consequence if it is not first moved away for a spell? Is the bottom hive truly queenless?

In the end, I decided to put a queen excluder with each hive to allow for a period of waffling. On the hives that are pancaked together, with honey between them. I must be hungry. Excuse me while I break for lunch.


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