Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Crawling" Escape Artists!

Why bother carefully taping and stapling window screen along the front entrance of a hive when I can simply stuff the screening in the entrance and be done with it? Because if it is not done properly, the frackin' bees will escape before they can be transported, that's why!

No problem, I figure. I'll just tape those suckers. That'll stop the leak and teach them to mess with me. What's that? My Gorilla tape has run out? No problem, I figure. Packing tape will work just fine! Stupid bees. I hate bees right now. They were completely nonplussed by my efforts.

But wait, I have an even better idea! I'll buy some construction cloth made of galvanized screening. I can cut and shape it to fit. I can screw it in place. It will be reusable. I am brilliant!

Notes to self:
  • 1/4 inch screening does not work. Apparently it is of little impediment to bees, other than giving them a pleasant body massage on the way in and out of the hive. 
  • Make trip to store for more Gorilla tape. 
  • Re-stuff screen.

More Notes to self:
  • Arlen will now be reluctant to help move bees after realizing that Dad's haphazard efforts did not completely alleviate the escaping bee problem during transport.
  • Remember to replace "brilliant" in blog entry with something more appropriate.  


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