Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kamloops Bee Club Picnic and Education Day 2013

The Kamloops Bee Club held their annual picnic and education day at Ingrid's near Savona, BC on June 09, 2013. Members and their families attend from around the region for a morning education session followed by a pot-luck barbecue lunch. Each year the event attracts new and old beekeepers alike who get a chance to socialize and participate in a few hive examination demonstrations.

After a welcome to club members and new beekeepers, club president David Masurat invited us to head to the bee yard for the education session.

Our local bee inspector Bill Stagg went through a few of Ingrid's hives with the assistance of club member Ian Farber. Ian also hosts a yearly beekeeping course each spring.

Ian Farber conducting an examination

Bee inspector Bill Stagg gave a chin-wag about insecticide procedures and went through a couple of hives, demonstrating his methods.

Bill Stagg tipping a box as a useful way of checking for swarm cells and bee distribution on frames
Bill explained his reasons for box tipping during hive examination and talked about swarm and supersedure cells, hive strength and manipulation techniques as well as pesticide best practices. Ian spoke on queen mating flights and displayed a frame with different stages of queen cells.

In Bill's subsequent hive inspection he related the difference between queen cups and cells and educated members on hive examination ergonomics. He spoke of the advantages of two deep brood boxes for beginner beekeepers, and talked a little about assessing at what point a beekeeper has seen enough to terminate an inspection.

It was an educational and fun day at Ingrid's home and bee yard, and a great time was had by all. The weather co-operated for the most part - and so did the bees!


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