Saturday, June 8, 2013

Second split of the main hive

In the fall Ed and I combined the colony with a box of bees that I bought from him. That, a full deep of honey  and a mild winter carried them through in a very strong and robust condition. One split and one swarm later, they were still strong enough for another split. This split will be combined into a tower for the honey flow, just like the tower alongside it. Hopefully I gave them enough food. I am considering stealing a frame or two of honey from the main hive's full honey super, adding it to a spare honey super, and placing it on top of the split. This split was later taken to Brian's bee yard by the experimental farm for a resting period. I am hoping that Brian will yet have a spare queen to sell to speed up the queenless period. Alas, the first queen set aside for me faced an untimely demise before she could be introduced to my hive!

All these latter videos are recorded on my iPhone. I do love my iPhone, but it lacks the capacity for longer video recording, and a proper range of focal length. It does have a functioning mic and works all the time - unlike my waterproof Sanyo which survived beach and pool use and Disney World, but not a dunk in a hot tub!


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