Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Inspection of New Hive (May 26, 2014)

Colony After Move, Before Manipulation
On May 26th the first hive was inspected. The hive was allowed to expand in Ed's Valleyview yard before being moved into its permanent location in Sahali. A standard box with honey, pollen and a central laying area was stacked underneath. When the queen moved into the standard box an excluder was placed between the dadant and the standard. She was kept isolated in the standard so that the dadant box could be returned to Ed after the existing brood had hatched out. 

The colony was going to be run as a two standard, so a second standard was plopped on top as soon as the hive was moved in to its Sahali location. The colony was given a couple of days to settle before being inspected and manipulated. The goal was still to keep the queen from entering the dadant box, but move the standard boxes together and give her some laying room. 

Two Minute Video:

I monkeyed around with the idea of leaving the mouse-guard on throughout the season. 2013 was a very bad year for wasps. Wasps supposedly don't like to move into a hive where they cannot back straight out of. Would the holes discourage them? As it turned out, I removed the mouse-guard eventually, and 2014 was not a bad year for wasps, at least in my thorax-of-the-woods. 


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