Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Make Room! Coming Through! (May 28, 2014)

Ed grew a quasi-two-queen colony in his Brock yard for me. I supplied a bottom standard deep and frames for food, and he provided bees in abundance. My venturi inner cover on top of the standard deep physically separated the colonies. The bottom colony had a bottom entrance only. The top colony was a two-dadant with a top entrance only.

On the 28th, Arlen and I moved the colonies to home. A second standard deep with honey, pollen, and laying room was added on top of the standard deep. An inner and outer cover was placed overtop. The second, two-dadant hive was given its own bottom board and inner and outer covers, and stacked on the lid of the hive below. I swapped the frames of bees from one of Ed's boxes to my own, returned the original, and purchased the other box. The happy bees were left to their own devices for a while to become accustomed to their new surroundings. 

Moving hives into the backyard is tough work! The right-of-way alongside my yard is steep, and the hives must be carried up some stairs between levels of the yard. depending on whether Arlen is around to help, and the weight/number of boxes, etc., the hives are either carried or placed on a dolly and rolled up the steep grass. One day, one time, I am sure a dolly full of bees will slip from grasp, roll down the hill, crash and upend. Will I grab for the dolly or for my camera? It will depend on whether I am on the uphill side or the downhill side!

15 Second Video:


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