Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hive Inspection June 08, 2014

On June 08, 2014 the bottom right hive of the two-queen colony was inspected. Green plastic foundation drone frame was put in a while back, and it was being laid out on the inside (meaning toward the centre of the box) even before the outer side had been drawn out to comb. Most interesting. In fact, in the video at 3:43 you can observe that the inside of the frame had not been fully drawn to comb itself and yet the queen was actively laying.

On the whole, the hive was in pretty good shape; lots of laying room for the queen. Perfectly acceptable condition considering the hive was started earlier in the spring. The bottom board had lots of paper dust from the newspaper chewed out by the hive after it was papered with the hive above to create a two-queen colony.


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