Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to Stain Your Hands and Smoke Yourself Instead of Bees

"Smoke them bees and wash yer hands", I always remind myself.

A little smoke goes a long way, but a lot of smoke goes too far! A packed smoker, well lit before heading out to the bee yard, sure takes away the bother of fussing with it going out part way through an inspection - as long as one remembers to tamp it down!

I have also experimented with applying a sprinkle of liquid smoke to my hands in addition to smoke vapour  pre-inspection. Empirical evidence says that it works well at reducing stings. The down side is that when out for a walk, dogs think I am a large smoked bone, the owners think I live rough because I smell like a campfire, and my jaundice-coloured liquid smoke stained hands look like some weird manifestation of  liver disease. If you have ever, em, "burned" yourself after handling hot peppers, I am sure there is a joke to be made here about wieners, ha ha!


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