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Oh, My Aching Back! July 07, 2014

July 07, 2014
Now I remember why I am switching to dadant sized equipment. Lifting an almost-full standard honey box is downright uncomfortable!

On today's menu is checking to see if the top right and bottom right hives are queen-right, and replacing a frame in each box with a drone frame. The best way to manage twenty-four day replacement of drone frames is to place one in every twelve days; when one is pulled and replaced the other is half-way there. Too bad my memory lasts less than twelve days. Since a honey flow is on, I added a dadant honey box containing frames of alternating drawn comb and foundation. I brushed the foundation with sugar syrup, but it wasn't easy to apply evenly on the black plastic foundation. Next time I will try spraying it on instead.

I inadvertently left the empty honey dadant super uncovered with some wet frames inside while I set up for inspection. The bees left it alone. That is how you know a honey flow is on!


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