Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time to Panic? And How to Drench...I Mean PAINT...a Queen; June 26, 2014

June 26, 2014.
The bottom colony was going gangbusters and getting a little crowded since the last inspection on June 14th. On June 14th I had removed the bottom excluded dadant, shook the bees, and returned the dadant to Ed. This resulted in a crowded colony. I kind of panicked one day after the colony was very noisy. I feared a swarm but did not have much time to intervene, so I quickly added a honey super between the two standard brood boxes to break up the colony a bit and bide me some time to decide whether I wanted to do a split and decide what type of a split to do.

This inspection was to assess the colony and decide if I needed to do a swarm preventing split. The colony had calmed down and resisted swarming, so I left the colony stay the way it was to see if they would convert to a standard and dadant brood pattern (since I am transitioning to dadant brood equipment). This was in large part due to restrictions on space for expansion, considering I was already running the hive as a two queen stack.

In spite of all the indecision, the queen was located and marked; albeit in a fashion more resembling that of a third grader than a proficient beekeeper. (O.K., a third grader would have done better). The queen marking survived into 2015...ya baby!

Note the inclusion of sound effects at each of the two exact moments I was stung. What kind of language might I have been covering up?


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